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Our History

Marfisa, the woman behind the idea

The century-long history of the Clarici family is characterized by the life of a great woman born in Farnese, Grandma Marfisa, who managed to intertwine the destiny of her heirs with the land of Tuscia thanks to her passion, love and daily cares. It all started in the town of Farnese, in a warm and cozy house, on a fertile and welcoming land made of hills, vineyards and olive groves. Here is where the Clarici family gathered together every summer and Easter holiday, every grape, olive and cherry harvest, welcomed by their grandparents Marfisa Bruni and Nicola Clarici, happily surrounded by their five children Adriana, Albertina, Carla, Guglielmina and Bruno, the youngest and only boy.

Bruno’s children, Riccardo and Nathalie, have always found in Farnese a special place, where they could be in touch with nature and play with their cousins in a context of total harmony and freedom. They grew fond of these places, linked to the memories of their childhood and to the unique local cuisine, the flavours and wholesomeness of the farm products that grandma Marfisa could render truly special with her personal touch. “When, in 2009, the neighbouring plot of land was put on sale, my father bought it straight away – Nathalie Clarici recalls – It all started there, gradually, without a well-planned project: we were driven by our hearts and the affection we feel for this place. We started with the olive grove and installed a pv-plant in the greenhouses. We had always been fascinated by the idea of making our own wine and, even if here everyone produces oil, we decided we wanted our own vineyard and we built a cellar. One thing was sure from the very start though, we all agreed there was only one way it could be called: MARFISA!”. “That wasn’t the end of it anyway – says the engineer Riccardo Clarici, who designed the whole plant – In 2018, we decided to build a location that could recreate the beautiful atmosphere of our childhood house, so we turned the workers’ lodging area into a small sort of hotel: we thought it important that everyone who comes here understands how wonderful this place is! We created a series of rooms, all unique in their design, a well-equipped spa with an indoor pool, a big outdoor pool overlooking the vineyards and a nice lawn to sunbathe in the summertime and a restaurant, the Osteria Unicorno, where guests can discover the marvels of this land and, perhaps, try our dear grandma’s recipes! Finally, in the two neighbouring structures there are other 5 rooms and suites, all different one from the other.” This way, thanks to the Clarici family’s love for this land, the production of wine and oil Canino d.o.p is now flanked by a hotel-spa and a restaurant: an important asset for this land and a wonderful surprise for all those who come to visit these breath-taking landscapes.

Our Inspiration

The tradition of Farnese, their own family and the land they have inhabited for years are the main sources of inspiration for the Clarici, a family that always looks ahead with the aim to value and share the beauty of this territory and its fruits, celebrating their roots and their memories, which make for the real drive of all the projects linked to Marfisa’s small farm, whose jewel in the crown is the Osteria Unicorno.

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